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You know that feeling, after years and years of not quite knowing where you fit, what you are good at, what you want to do? And then finding that out, who you are, your pros and cons, what direction you want to take in life.

That is how I feel now. This is what Durham College has helped me accomplish.

After two years of university and how boring and unexciting the programs were, I switched to College. I never thought I could go to College. I had high 90’s in High School, that means I should go to University right? That is completely wrong. 

Some people learn differently. I went from Engineering, Computer Systems, to Foundations in Art and Design. Next year I will be in Animation. I am still pretty good at math and sciences, but it was never where my passion was. It isn’t like how I get absorbed into an art project. You just got to figure out where your passions lie, and then go from there.

I kind of regret my last two years, only because I could be on my last year of school if I knew better back then. But the journey was worth the people I met, the times I experienced, and where I am at right now, surrounded by great classmates, friends, roommates, and even Durham College itself.

I am home.


Canine Construction Workers’ Union Chides Layoffs

In a memo released today, the Canine Construction Workers’ Union of America (Local 47) repudiated The Sizemore Group for what it calls “penny-pinching layoffs.”

The real estate developer contracted union dogs to lay cement for five new housing complexes. After only two foundations were complete, the company let go of half the contractors, citing “unnecessary labor.”

The union says Sizemore is running the workers ragged, expecting the same results and speed from half the team.

“The work will end up being shoddy” says Jim Rockland, a union representative. “I wouldn’t want to live in a shoddy house, and I don’t expect Sizemore’s clients to either.”

Submitted by Donna Mary Nicholls.


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